Wide Angle Films can produce short documentary films in a range of styles including formal interviews, run & gun shoots, foreign travel, and filming in high mountain terrain.

We can advise on every stage of the production process including planning, scripting and sourcing locations, as well as handling the filming, editing and marketing of the finished film.

Wide Angle Films specialise in outdoor filming in the wild, whether that is at the top of a Munro in the Scottish Highlands, on high ridges in the Swiss Alps, the hill country of the Thai/Burma border, or in the epic locations of the Australian Outback. We are fully capable of high quality film production on multi day shoots in remote locations.

We are currently in Pre-Production for a number of short documentary projects being developed in early 2018. Stay tuned to find out more…

Please get in touch using our Contact Form or phone 07479 655256 to discuss all your video production requirements.